Our story

The people behind Mile 91 are Catherine Raynor and Ben Langdon. We have worked together for over 10 years. We met at VSO when we were working in the communications and fundraising teams and we bonded over a shared frustration at the lack of inspiring stories to help us raise money and gain national media coverage.

Luckily we had very supportive managers (or maybe they just wanted to shut us up!) so fast forward a couple of years and Ben was regularly photographing VSO’s work overseas and Catherine had set up the organisation’s story gathering function.

We began collaborating as freelancers in early 2011 before going on to set up Mile 91 in summer 2013. In the years since our first story gathering trip for VSO we have captured the stories of hundreds of individuals both in the UK and overseas and worked with charities, NGOs, businesses and philanthropy organisations.

Both of us are endlessly interested in and inspired by the lives of the people we meet. Catherine’s natural nosiness and confidence in asking the difficult questions means she quickly gets to the heart of a story. Ben’s ability to put everyone he meets at immediate ease means he captures images and footage that are filled with warmth and integrity. Our extensive experience translates into practical evidence-based advice when we are setting up systems and processes or training and mentoring.

Mile 91 is also a town in Sierra Leone. It is 91 miles from Freetown. It’s the first place we worked together. It’s a no-nonsense name but it’s also one of the friendliest places we’ve ever been. We promise to live up to the name!

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