The Story Network

The Story Network is a place where charity story gatherers can meet with like-minded individuals to share experiences and participate in open and honest discussions about insights, challenges and best practice. Story gathering is a fairly new investment area for many charities and many have limited capacity in this area of activity. We hope that by bringing people together from across the sector we can all learn from each other’s different strengths and experiences.

Ahead of each meeting we pick one topic or issue and a member of the group (an expert in that area) delivers a presentation and leads a wider group discussion. We cover of a range of issues from how to secure internal buy in for story gathering through to duty of care when working with vulnerable people. We also discuss examples of storytelling from inside or outside the charity sector that have inspired, excited or even angered us. We have a regular problem solving section for members who need a second (third, fourth…) opinion on a live challenge.

This is not a general interest group; it’s a practical forum for those who lead on story gathering within their organisation. The network is currently free and we rely on goodwill for meeting room space so we ask for there to be only one representative per charity. Nothing is set in stone – the group and the way it operates will evolve in a way that’s helpful to all involved.