Training your staff

We help you increase the flow of stories from the frontline.

We develop training programmes and easy to use toolkits that help you, your field staff, services teams and partners develop a nose for a story and an eye for a photo. We combine classroom teaching with practical exercises and mentoring to ensure your teams can approach their interviewing and camera work with confidence. We cover everything from photography, filming and interview skills right through to the science of storytelling and how to develop a storytelling strategy. We will tailor-make your course to meet your needs and experience levels.

We coach people to talk in stories. We have all sat through a boring presentation that is all about the input and nothing about the impact. But taking another person’s experience and communicating with authenticity can be hard. We will make it easier.

We bring people together. The Story Network is a bimonthly meeting for charity story gatherers to meet, share best practice and learn from each other. It’s part inspiration, part therapy and we cover everything from data protection through to innovation in storytelling. It is free to attend.

To discuss how Mile 91 can help your organisation to tell its own remarkable stories get in touch today.