A film for a gala dinner

15 million babies around the world are prematurely every year. Of those 15 million one million will die while others will have a lifelong disability. Borne is a collaboration between Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity and the hospital’s maternity team and through research, training and education it is aiming to reduce the impact of premature birth.

The charity’s Director of Communications, Roberta Jones, asked Mile 91 to produce a film for a the Wonderland gala dinner, a fundraising event with celebrity backing, a high profile guest list and a target of £450,000. The film told the story of Will and Caro Greenwood, whose first son, Freddie, was born at 22 weeks and lived for under an hour.  Roberta talks about working with us.

“Imagine a room filled with 400 people all having been up dancing for a performance by Mark Owen. The film opened the auction and we weren’t sure how we would get their attention but the eyes of every guest, every waiter and every waitress were glued to the screens. You could hear a pin drop. They applauded and they gave extremely generously throughout the auction. We couldn’t have asked for more.

“When we were looking someone to help tell the story of Borne, I knew that Mile 91 would be the perfect company. Their films don’t only tell you about a campaign, cause or company, they take you on a journey and capture moments that are so powerful that you want to watch their films again and again. Catherine and Ben have an amazing ability to really grasp your messages and brief and they really felt like an extension of our team. They are flexible but aren’t afraid to provide their expertise and advice.

“By working with them we learned that creating a powerful film is about so much more than filming and editing. It is about working with people who have empathy for your issues and who understand how you work as an organisation and who you want to reach. Ultimately, by working with Mile 91 you don’t just end up with a film for your event or your website, but a film that you are so proud of you want to share it with the world.”