Life changing theatre

Inclusive theatre company Chickenshed wanted a film that would encourage guests to give generously at its gala fundraiser – and we made it happen. Rosie Hoare from Chickenshed tells us more.

How did you find Mile 91?  

We’d heard about Mile 91 through a member of our fundraising committee. Mile 91 had made an appeal video for another charity she’s involved with. We liked the video and when we met Catherine we felt confident that she’d be able to deliver what we were looking for.

Tell us what you wanted Mile 91 to produce for you.

We wanted a video that could be used as part of our live appeal at our annual fundraising gala. This is our primary fundraising event of the year and we wanted to refresh the format and introduce new elements. We anticipated an audience of around 350 people, some of whom were familiar with our work and others who weren’t. The video was intended to showcase areas of Chickenshed’s work which don’t come across easily in speeches – in this case our work with people who, for whatever reason, are unable to come to us. We decided to tell the story of our work with children who are patients at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

What did you like about working with Mile 91?

We were impressed by the quality of the team and the sound advice they gave us. It was a great help to us that they had experience working at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital (through their work with Borne) and had a clear idea of how best to achieve our aims.

What kind of response has the film had?

It was the first time that we had put together a film of this kind and it was received very positively within the organisation. We felt that the film treated the subject sensitively and was respectful of the fact that we’re working with sick children and their families. It really captured the essence of the work that our staff are doing – namely bringing fun, relief and escapism for the children and their families.  Externally, it was a moving story and highlighted areas of Chickenshed’s work – going out to the community and working with people who wouldn’t otherwise find us – that many were unaware of. And on the night, the film helped us raise even more than we’d budgeted for!

Would you recommend Mile 91?

Yes – because you get exactly what you hope for.