Maisy’s Story

DEBRA is the national charity that supports individuals and families affected by Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a painful genetic skin blistering condition which, in the worst cases, can be fatal. DEBRA commissioned Mile 91 to produce a film that they could use in fundraising and awareness-raising work. Hayley Epps, PR and Communications Manager tells us more.

What did you enjoy about working with Mile 91?

Catherine and Ben feel like an extension of your own team and they really care about creating something that works for you. The whole process was extremely easy and straightforward and I was confident everything was covered. They went out of their way to make sure the shoot was a success including visiting the family before shoot day to make sure they knew what was involved and to put them at ease – this may seem minor but it made a huge difference as it meant that Amy and Maisy knew Catherine and Ben and were very natural with them.

What are you most pleased with about the finished film?

The balance between it being both emotional and inspiring. This is something that we were really keen to achieve – we didn’t just want it to be a heart-wrenching, emotional watch we wanted the audience to finish watching the film with a feeling of hope. With EB there is a real danger of showing extremely graphic content but Ben managed to capture the severity and pain that EB brings without showing anything too upsetting.

What has been the response to the film?

The film has been a huge success so far. We recently played it at an event and following the showing of the film we were given cheques, which is a great sign of its impact as the event wasn’t even a fundraising event! We shared it on our social networks and the response has been great – in just a few days the video had been shared 140 times on Facebook reaching more than 9,000 people.

What did you learn during working with Mile 91?

To always, always remember your target audience, something that’s easily forgotten when you’re creating something for your peers to use and trying to keep in mind all of their different needs. We momentarily lost sight of the target audience at editing stage and had Catherine not stepped in the film would have suffered and not been anywhere near as impactful.