Resourcing appeals

Robert Westhead, Media and PR Manager at CLIC Sargent writes about the support the charity for children and young people with cancer has received from Catherine over the years.

“Catherine is a consummate story teller. She extracts strong, emotive quotes and never misses an angle. Her writing is word perfect. We’ve asked her back time and time again and she has turned around scores of case studies for us in very tight time frames.

“Her contribution has been critical to making a success of our UK-wide local radio fundraising appeal with the Bauer media group for two years running. Also, we’ve drafted her in at short notice on other jobs, including interviewing a young person for a film.

“She inspires confidence. Give Catherine a brief and she will deliver on it, producing high quality work to time, on budget, or even under budget. She’ll put a project planning structure around any piece of work and keep you apprised of progress and isn’t afraid to highlight flaws or problems.

“The stories Catherine’s gathered are now part of our real life story database and will continue to help us fundraise and raise the profile of the charity. Catherine’s care and sensitivity when interviewing children, young people and parents means they’ve had a good experience from the start and more likely to want to work with us in the future.”