A story audit

“At Scope the process of gathering stories had been happening across different departments with limited coordination and consistency. Catherine was brought in to support us as we set about scaling up and centralising this work.

Although story management sits within the media team, we wanted this to be something the whole organisation felt part of and excited by. Catherine completed an internal consultation with stakeholders in the communications, fundraising, policy and services teams. Views were sought on everything from how stories would be researched and used through to issues of safeguarding, data protection and account management.

The consultation set the tone for the whole project and was a very clear message that we would be listening and responding to the views of colleagues. Having an independent consultant meant colleagues spoke more freely about their previous experiences and their expectations and concerns. Had we not gone this extra mile then I think colleagues would have felt they were having a new way of working imposed on them, rather than being part of its creation and strategy.

The outcomes of this project meant that when our Story Manager was recruited she was able to hit the ground running. It was the work we did with Catherine that got our stories team off the ground and helped bring to life what was not much more than a vague, but strong desire to do more with stories.”