Smartphone Filmmaking

Oak Foundation is a philanthropy organisation that provides grants to partners in over 40 countries around the world. It funds a range of issues including housing and homelessness, child abuse, international human rights and women’s issues.

We developed a one day training course and associated handbook for a team of programme staff. The course provided the team with the practical skills they needed to produce high quality films on their smartphone. The films will be used to share learning and impact with staff, the board and grantees.

The training programme, which focused on smartphone filmmaking, included a number of key issues including:

  1. The science of storytelling and why stories work for impact reporting
  2. How to spot a good story
  3. Planning your story gathering
  4. How to choose your filming kit
  5. How to conduct your interview
  6. How to capture great B Roll/GV footage
  7. The basics of editing, including how to add music and subtitles

The day combined presentations, group discussion and practical exercises. Commenting on the training, Head of Communications, Virginia Ruan said:

“Mile 91 developed a bespoke training course for us that was the perfect balance of teaching and practical exercises. By the end of the day the team had been introduced to the basics of storytelling and interview skills and had made their own short films using an iPhone and free software. To be able to make professional quality films with just a smartphone was a real eye-opener to the group and within a few weeks of the course there were new films on our Vimeo channel.”

As a result of the training a staff member produced the following short film.

In summer 2016 we attended the Oak Foundation’s all staff global retreat in Switzerland and delivered two breakout sessions on the same topic. If you are interested in training your teams in smartphone filmmaking then get in touch.