Stories from Sarajevo

The Siege of Sarajevo began on the 2nd April 1992 and was to last for almost four years,. During the Seige 10,000 Sarajevans died, including 1,800 children. Hope & Homes for Children was born out of the Siege. Horrified by the stories and images of abandoned children in a Sarajevo orphanage, Mark and Caroline Cook travelled to the city and with the help of local people rebuilt the bombed out institution.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the start of the Siege of Sarajevo we were commissioned to capture the stories of the children who were in the orphanage during the war and meet those who worked in tough circumstances to help make the Cook’s vision a reality. We also captured the stories of Hope & Homes for Children’s work today – helping to close harmful institutions, supporting families to stay together and supporting young people who have grown up in institutions.