The Taste of Fethiye

The Travel Foundation promotes sustainable tourism by setting up projects with travel companies like Thomas Cook and TUI Travel.  The charity asked us to make a film telling the story of ‘The Taste of Fethiye’ – a project in Turkey that’s helping local farmers benefit from tourism by selling their produce direct to hotels.  The Travel Foundation’s Head of Communications Ben Lynam tells us about working with Mile 91. 

Why did you choose Mile 91?  

I really like their emphasis on telling stories first and foremost – that’s why we chose them. They were straightforward to work with, unafraid to challenge us to get the best product and are nice people too.

Did you learn anything from working with Mile 91?

To have a really clear brief before the shoot – it really helped us when it came to some difficult editing decisions afterwards! We had a conference call to go through the brief and improve on it where possible. Ben and Catherine were clear about the need for the story to come through and to keep the number of characters to a minimum. They also advised us that the most ‘important’ or senior people aren’t always the ones who tell the best stories!

What did you personally like about the film?

Catherine and Ben were keen that there was an element of spontaneity about the shoot – they didn’t want too much of a ‘script’ to follow.  My favourite part of the film was the British tourist who went on a farm excursion to see where the food he was eating at his hotel had been grown. He says exactly what we at The Travel Foundation like to hear – and it wasn’t scripted!

How have people reacted to the film?

The reaction has been very positive indeed, from within the Travel Foundation, from Turkey and from our tour operator partners. We showed the film for the first time at our annual meeting and it got applause! Since then it’s been shared on social media and the link has been requested by several of the companies we work with. It had a big effect on everyone involved in Fethiye, helping them to feel proud of the project and see the bigger picture for the region.

Would you recommend Mile 91 to other organisations?

Yes – for their passion, their value for money and the quality of their outputs.