VSO Fundraising Films

In the last year we have worked with the VSO Individual Giving team on two fundraising films plus content for the appeal packs. We both started our charity careers at VSO and between clocked up close to two decades of employment, so it’s always nice to be working with them – it feels a bit like going home! Our two trips were to Ethiopia in October and to Tanzania in March, the latter involving a rather interesting journey!

Here, VSO’s Supporter Retention Manager, Guilliana Castle shares what it was like to work with us.

How would you sum up Mile 91?

Driven by and great at telling people’s stories.

What do you think is unique or special about Mile 91’s approach?

Mile 91 were able to draw on their extensive experience to really help focus what was vital to capture in the story gathering team. They were pragmatic and able to respond to any challenge and just get on with the job in hand. I felt really included in their creative process and it was totally collaborative. Ben and Catherine were pros from start to finish and it was a delightful experience working with them.

Was the finished product what you imagined? 

Yes. I’ve worked with them on story telling two very different health projects in Ethiopia and Tanzania. Tanzania in particular was really challenging with content and timings but I felt they got out a great appeal that made the community aspect come to life.

What has been the response to the film?

People commented internally that this was one of the strongest films they had seen at VSO in terms of emotion and clarity. It helped us to raise over £61k in terms of this appeal.

What did you learn during working with Mile 91?

As with any agency the clearer you are in terms of your objectives, the better the quality the material gathered so that is very much on the client to get this info. However I was really impressed with how many stories we gathered so as long as you’re clear on what you want you really can make the content stretch far.

What would you say to others thinking about working with Mile 91?

Do it! Story gathering and telling is an investment. It helps us break down barriers and demonstrate the need and how supporters can be part of the solution in a far more emotive, connecting way than all the stats in the world can do. You need these to but without giving a voice to those we’re working to empower then your message just won’t get through. Mile 91 are great at foreseeing what you need and telling stories in a way to connect audiences together.