1. Dignity in storytelling and photography

    Last week we were really interested to read this article about dignity, poverty and international development. In it Jonathan Glennie says of the word dignity: “if understood properly, [it] could mean fundamental changes to our ways of working, and the overall story we are trying to tell.”

    Dignity is a word we use a lot at Mile 91 when we talk about our work in developing countries and it’s a value we embed deeply in our storytelling work, especially when telling stories about places like Mulago Hospital in Uganda. We believe that you can maintain the dignity of individuals even when showing the poverty in which they live or the challenges they face in their life. We hope you enjoy these photographs and we would love to get your thoughts in the comments section below.

    A man with one leg playing sit volleyball. He is smiling as the ball hits the net on the oppositions side

    Above: Jean Paul Ngilimana is playing sitting volley ball. Jean is a member of the National Paralympic Committee.

    School girl walking leaving home in the morning with her school bag. Behind her are the mud huts of her family home in Ghana

    Above: Balila leaving her home to go to school at Pope John’s Catholic Junior High School, Ghana.

    A school girl carrying book on her head in Ghana.

    Above: A school girl carrying her school books on her head. Tonga Junior High School, Ghana.

    A midwife smiling after interacting with a patient in the hospital, Uganda.

    Above: Sister Sulphine Twinomuhangi (in green) helps ladies whist they wait at Mulago Hospital, Uganda.

    A patient and nurse smiling at each other at an outreach health post in Turkana in Kenya.

    Above: Dorcas Ikadukan (right) has previously delivered all of her babies at home, but has attended antenatal appointments since a difficult birth with baby number 4.

    A smiling mother and her new born baby lying on a hospital bed in Uganda.

    Above: Harriet Massamula and her newly born baby on the ward at Kitovu Hospital.

    A lady standing in the doorway of her house in Ethiopia

    Above: Elfnesh Finta, 35, at her home in Boreda, Ethiopia.

    A tailor outside her shop in Tanzania

    Above: Rahab, also known as ‘Mama B”, set up and now runs a tailoring business, designing and making clothes, Tanzania.

    This photo is taken inside a mut hut in Kenya. A man smiling as he looks at his son sitting on his lap.

    Above: At home with Thomas and his children Kenya.

    A farmer is sewing a horses headdress by the light of a torch, Ethiopia

    Above: Birhanu Sori, a farmer in Ethiopia, makes horse headdresses in the evenings which he sells for extra income.

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