1. Meet Nelson

    Last month we told you how we have started investing in small businesses in the countries where we work. We are doing this through Kiva, a great initiative that enables you to lend entrepreneurs small amounts of money to development their business. Our first investment was in Deodata  from Tanzania. Last week she made her first loan repayment; we were disproportionately excited about the receipt of $3.39!

    This morning we arrived in Brazil. We will be working with the fantastic C&A Foundation to make a film about their work supporting migrants from Bolivia and Paraguay who are working in the clothing industry. We hoped to always make loans in the country where we are working, but there weren’t any loans that needed support in Brazil so instead we have just invested in Nelson Max. Nelson is a father of three living in El Alto, Bolivia, and he is looking for support to develop his clothing business.

    In his profile he says: “Some three years ago, I visited Brazil and worked as a tailor, acquiring new knowledge and experience, in order to become independent and open my own business.” You never know, maybe Nelson received the support of the people we will meet this week!

    We are excited to be back in Brazil. Last summer we were here making a film about C&A Foundation’s work in education. Next week, once we have finished our work here in Sao Paulo, we will be heading back to Porto Alegre to visit the volunteers featured in this film and to see what happened next!

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