1. Blogging and Me

    • By Amy Clarke

    Amy Clarke from Mencap spoke at a Story Network recently about her experiences of blogging and telling her story. She is our latest guest blogger and we’re delighted to welcome her here to talk about her love of blogging and what she thinks others might get out of it.

    I am a person with a learning disability. I like blogs as they put forward my views and I can say my feelings towards TV shows like Derek. That means something to me.

    I think it’s so important to write what you feel passionate about as it comes out to whoever reads it. Also you can put more into the blog and have fun. Also, write about what you know, especially just after you experienced it – memory can be a good tool. I like reading about people going to the theatre to see something they are interested in and seeing whether I agree with their view. The world is big enough for all sorts of thoughts.

    What I have got out of learning to blog is to think about what I want to say and to project views that affect people with a learning disability. Also, I get recognition from social media where I get followed on Twitter and liked on Facebook.

    My favourite blog I have written is Derek as I was interested in the subject of disability on TV and enjoyed the programme where Ricky Gervais played a man with a learning disability who worked in an old person’s home and how he got on with his life. The blog stirred up mixed feelings. Some hated it and some liked it but I didn’t mind angry or sad views as they make life interesting and people had something to write about which I think is very good.

    My best blogging tip for people with a learning disability is to check grammar and spelling. I find it easy with someone else looking at it to give a fresh perspective. For some people with a learning disability doing the blog in the first place, even with support, may throw them because they may have issues with literacy and expressing themselves. A way to help with this will be using video instead of written word and it could either go on You Tube or on the website of an organisation like Mencap.

    So blog away guys!

    If you want to follow Amy’s blogging you can find her here. If you work in charity story gathering and would like to attend a future Story Network meeting, get in touch

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