1. Education photos from around the world

    young boy at school using a board to do maths

    If your Facebook feed has been anything like mine over the last week or so it will have been filled with pictures of young children going off for their first day at school and rallying cries of support for the refugee crisis. Seeing the two together really sharpens the senses and makes you realise just how fortunate or unfortunate people can be and of the importance of education. As a father myself I know just how much of a milestone it is when your child puts on his or her uniform for the first day. Education is now what is shaping my boys in terms of how they view and understand the world and what’s around them.

    To celebrate the ‘back to school’ season I wanted to share some photos from some of the education programmes we have visited around the world.

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    Above: A young boy uses a new teacher learning material to practice his 10 times table, Ethiopia.

    Boy learning by solar power lantern

    Above: A young boy is now able to do his homework in the evening thanks to his mother’s solar power business, Tanzania.

    Ethiopian classroom

    Above: Inside a classroom in Ethiopia. This school is used as an example of how to use teacher learning materials and you can see all the posters and letters on the walls.

    education in Ghana

    Above: The youngest year have their lessons in the shade of a tree in this school in Ghana.

    A community library project in Brazil where children are learning to read.

    Above: This community library creates a safe environment for children to come and learn to read and listen to stories, Brazil.

    A teacher reads conducts a lesson over the radio in Zanzibar.

    Above: This teacher gives her class over the local radio. Communities and pupils are given wind-up radios so they can tune in and learn, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

    childs hand counting bottle tops

    Above: Bottle tops are being used during a maths lesson in Ethiopia.

    child learning in the sand

    Above: A young school girl practices her writing in the sand during a lesson under a tree in Ghana.

    boy learning in classroom

    Above: Deep in concentration during a lesson in Rwanda.

    School children sit on the floor in a classroom in Uganda

    Above: This class in Uganda had a 104 pupils in it and so many of them sat on the floor to listen to the teacher.

    School run in Ghana

    Above: This school boy catches a lift home on the back of a bicycle after school in Ghana.

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