1. The Day We Met Super Cycling Man

    Our job is amazing. We meet wonderful inspiring people with every shoot. People who surprise us, inspire us and open our eyes a little bit wider to the world around us. That often comes from the job we are being paid to do, but sometimes you get a bonus spine-tingle…

    Today we got an extra bit of inspiration because today we met Super Cycling Man! Will, a primary school teacher from London, is currently cycling round the world, taking in every continent as he goes and while he’s at it aiming to raise £100,000 for WWF, Sustrans, Peace One Day and Parkinson’s. What a man!

    As he goes he’s also sharing the heartwarming stories of random acts of kindness he receives from everyday heroes. Today he was given free wine. That’s a random act of kindness I could get on board with. We also came up with a novel way for him to fundraise, prompted by my ‘innocent’ question about his thigh muscles. I’ll leave the detail to your imagination but the resulting fundraising hashtag is #squeezemythighs…

    If you want to follow his journey or support his fundraising you can find him at

    1. SuperCyclingMan

      Great to meet you and your team too! Wish I could add a photo here of the first #SqueezeMyThighs photo, but will try and get it trending on Twitter tomorrow!

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