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    smiling girl in a library

    With yesterday being World Book Day we really wanted to share some photos from a recent storygathering trip with C&A Foundation. This was our second trip to Brazil and whilst we were covering new stories there was also time in the schedule to go back to one of the projects we had visited with them the previous year.

    Going back to a project, or following a project year-on-year presents a real opportunity to show the impact of an organisation’s work; we had captured the ‘before’ stories and now we were going back to visit the project after it had been completed. The difference was incredible and totally inspiring. What had been a run down shed, with nothing but a concrete floor and some smashed windows, had been transformed in to a kaleidoscope of colour and creativity.

    Craft was hanging from the ceiling, colourful cushions covered the reading corner and children had a complete wall of books from which to choose. A stark contrast to hanging out on the streets and playing under the feet of their parents, many of whom work in the rubbish recycling area. No place for a young child.

    It wasn’t just the building that had been transformed the children were bubbling with excitement with the visitors that had come to photograph and film their new community library. They were so eager to show off their new books and practice their English.

    Mums could now come in and take part in art workshops too. It really was a haven of creativity. Who knows what the knock on effects will be of this intervention, but I would love to go back in a few years and meet some of those children and find out.

    This is all happening because of an organisation called Cirander who are working in partnership with C&A and C&A Instituto to implement a network of Community Libraries in eight communities of Porto Alegre. Next on their list is to create a community library on a boat that could visit those hard to reach areas of the islands surrounding Porto Alegre, Brazil.

    Have you got impact reports you need to illustrate? Do you need photos and stories to talk about what you are doing? Please get in touch, we would love to help you capture and tell stories of your amazing work. It’s what we do.

    Want to see more? Then watch our short film below and check out these before and after photographs for a bit of inspiration.

    C&A Foundation project

    C&A Foundation project

    C&A Foundation project

    children playing in rubbish

    gilrs walking together

    C&A Foundation project

    two young girls reading

    A lady reading to young girl

    a young girl reading a big book

    A young boy reading a pop up book

    Young girls listening to a story

    a gril laughing at a story

    poetry and music

    music and poetry on the streets

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