1. Story Gathering on Your Smartphone | Mobile Journalism

    There has never been a better time to capture and share your stories and what’s exciting is that it’s the perfect way to talk about the impact of your work.

    We recently devised a bespoke training course for Oak Foundation to train their programmes team on how to capture good quality photos and film when they are out in the field. They wanted our advice on what kit to buy and then they wanted to learn how to take photos and shoot and edit short films.

    We looked at lots of different kit available but kept coming back to the smartphone. It’s simple to use, small and fits in your pocket, captures full high definition images and film and is comparatively good value. You can also edit and share all on the same device too.

    I know, we couldn’t believe it either. We had been busy doing some testing of our own on a Sony Z3 mobile phone and were amazed by the results and how easy it was to use. Here is a short film, shot whilst out sea kayaking with my family last autumn. This wasn’t a dedicated filming day but more just capturing footage of our day out. All the shots are hand held and shot on my mobile.

    What’s also great about using your phone is that it’s really easy to flip between both photos and movie and so you can capture both on one device easily. Here are some photos from the day to show you how the camera performed too.

    Oak Foundation were really quick to pick up the skills we shared and with in weeks were out making their own short films.

    “To be able to make professional quality films with just a smartphone was a real eye-opener to the group and within a few weeks of the course there were new films on our Vimeo channel.”

    Virginia Ruan | Head of Communications

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