1. “So here it is Merry Christmas!” (in a Noddy Holder esque way)

    • By Helen Langdon
    a turkey being carved on Christmas day

    For many, this week will be the final frantic week of finishing work, Christmas shopping and cleaning the house from top to bottom before the family arrive. Don’t fret, it’s nearly time to put your feet up, open the wine and get the board games out.

    When you do have time to put the kettle on or pop that cork, why not take a look at our round-up of our favourite Christmas charity films this season?


    We’ve been working on a series of short Christmas films for Sense over the last couple of months for social media. It was a hard job, eating the mince pies and chocolate log from the photoshoot in mid November, but someone had to do it!

    Each film focuses on a different sense and evokes the sights, smells, touch, taste and sounds of Christmas. With #FestiveFeeling we’re all encouraged to share our films and photos and tag @SenseCharity.

    Dogs Trust

    Who knew a cork dog could be so cute? ‘Corkey’ features in the Dogs Trust‘s film this year with the message, “We want everyone to ‘paws’ and consider before bringing a dog home.”

    Clic Sargent

    ‘When cancer cancels Christmas..’ a reminder from Clic Sargent that for some families, Christmas isn’t a peaceful time at all.

    UK Youth

    We love the simplicity of this appeal film from UK Youth featuring a children’s choir. #StandWithYouth this Christmas to help provide more safe spaces and make a difference to the lives of young people.


    ” To feel loved, and to know that your heart is connected to someone or to more people, it really helped me to stay alive”.

    That made my heart ache. For just £28.87 you can reserve a place for someone at Crisis this Christmas.


    #WomenWithNothing is the message from solace this year with a very simple, effective film asking us to help women who have fled abusive relationships and have nothing. We’re asked to give £10 to fund a ‘box of basic everyday items.’

    And finally, Happy Christmas from the Mile 91 team!

    We wish you all a very peaceful Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

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