1. Lockdown story gathering: in conversation with British Red Cross

    One of the things we are recommending on our free Techniques for Lockdown Storytelling course is to use Zoom to film interviews. I know, I know, we are all a bit Zoomed out right now, but it’s an easy way to capture an interview on film and you can edit using the same software as usual.

    You can record your interview in gallery view, where all participants are on screen, or speaker view, where only the person speaking is highlighted, or both.  Gallery view is great for a more informal Q&A/ ‘In conversation with…’ interviews and because you’re watching a conversation between two people you can get away without B Roll. It also works for those without the time or skills for a complex edit as you’re not trying to edit out questions.

    If you want to produce an edit which is a bit more like the films we usually see charities produce, where the interviewer’s questions are edited out, then use the speaker view. If you are opting for speaker view you will need to make sure you stay completely quiet during their answers, just as you would if you were interviewing face to face. You may want to use B Roll and images to illustrate the story being told. For example, if you are interviewing a volunteer about their experiences working at a food bank you may want to use images or B Roll they’ve shot on their smartphone to illustrate the story.

    Whichever style you opt for, make sure you’ve turned off all your email, WhatsApp and teams notifications or you’ll end up recording lots of pings too! Of course, we are as new to all of this as all of you so we thought we would have a practice. This week we’re showing you a simple Q&A film and in a couple of weeks we will show you on shot in the speaker style.

    For this film I caught up with Alicia Melville-Smith, the British Red Cross Stories Manager. We talked about adapting story gathering processes, user generated content and how to manage consent in a socially distant world where many people don’t have printers.

    In Conversation with Alicia Melville-Smith, British Red Cross Stories Manager

    Our virtual training programmes covers remote interview skills, smartphone shooting and smartphone editing skills. You can book on to one of our open courses but we are also offering in house group courses too.

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