Our work with businesses and foundations

Do you talk about market chain development or do you describe your efforts training farmers in business skills? Do you talk about changemakers and intrepreneurs or do you showcase the talents of a staff member who had the vision to turn your business model into a lifechanging service for poor people? Do you talk about behaviour change or do you introduce us to the children who are still alive because they now wash their hands?

At Mile 91 we understand the business jargon. We know that CSR strategies are evolving and we get that the game-changing companies are pursuing holistic strategies that combine social and economic impact. But we wonder whether you are communicating this effectively to customers, shareholders and staff. Are you inspiring them with stories or baffling them with business speak?

We help businesses and foundations to translate the outcomes of their sustainability strategies into compelling stories that put a human face on success. We understand what you need to inspire your audiences but we also understand the nuances of working in different cultures and communities. If you work with us you will benefit from our extensive experience of working in developing countries and our culturally sensitive approach. You’ll be confident that you’re getting  the stories you need to create a step change in your communications, without compromising your business relationships.