Brand Storytelling

  • Read how we helped Dogs for Good bring their new brand to life with stories and embed a culture of storytelling across the organisation.

When one of our longest standing clients, Dogs for the Disabled, became Dogs for Good, storytelling was at the heart of their new brand. To make this a success the marketing team needed to get the puppy trainers, kennel team and community teams excited about storytelling.

We ran a full day training course covering the art and science of storytelling, why stories are crucial to a charity’s brand, how to spot a good story, and verbal storytelling skills.

Despite regular breaks for dog walks (how often does that happen during a training course?!) by the end of the day our eyes had been prickling as a result of the inspiring stories we’d heard. Staff also shared their ideas for a system of story gathering that would work for them.

As a result of the day Dogs for Good established the Pop-up Story Café. Once a quarter, the marketing team come armed with flip chart paper and Danish pastries and sit and chat to staff who pop in to share their highlights and anecdotes.

Read more about our story gathering work here.


A photo showing the relationship between a lady and her assistance dog

A Dogs for Good volunteer puppy socialiser with a puppy labrador.

Assistance dog puppy with trainer

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