Content Packages

  • Your campaigns need a consistent look and feel. Our content packages deliver a film, a set of images, a written story and detailed transcripts.

We know how important it is to have the right words, film and photographs to bring your story to life and help educate and grow your audience. We also know this is a big investment for a charity, so we will work with you to look at your content strategy for the whole year and develop a programme of activity that makes the most of your budget. Content packages include a film (circa three minutes), provided in square and traditional formats, a set of images, a written story, a story summary and full transcripts of all interviews.

We worked with Action for Children last year to develop nine content packages for use in fundraising campaigns, supporter communications and on their website and social media platforms. Our experience working with vulnerable communities came in useful as we met children, young people and their families with complex issues and needs.

One of the films we produced featured The Blues Programme, which is funded by Royal Mail. This internationally acclaimed preventative course is aimed at people aged 13-19 years old who are suffering from, or who are at risk of developing a mental health disorder. We had an inspiring day with the programme leaders and young people who eloquently shared their stories with us. The film was well received across all social media channels.


Action For Children | The Blues Programme