• We translate the language of your boardroom into compelling stories and demonstrate your impact with more than just numbers.

Do you have an amazing story to tell but you’re not sure how to bring it to life? Are your communications drowning in strategy, progress reports, facts and figures, but failing to inspire people with your impact?  Whether you’re producing an annual report or a newsletter, redesigning your website or wanting to create a captivating organisational narrative, we can help.

In 2018, ChildHope, the experts in child protection and safeguarding, asked us to help them produce a new ‘message house’ and rewrite the copy for their website. This project followed a communications audit where their key audiences had told us they wanted to understand more about the issues and impact, but didn’t need so much technical information. While producing more engaging content was a priority, it was also important that we did not ‘dumb down’ the issues, and that ChildHope and its partners were positioned as experts.

The foundation of this project was an all-staff workshop where we looked at the language currently used to communicate about child protection and development issues. In that session we agreed where there was the opportunity to use more accessible language, and we started to think about the stories we could tell. It was important to involve ChildHope’s programme managers from the start, as they are the communication team’s direct line to the overseas work and the impact stories.

From there we set about creating a portfolio of content that would work both online and offline. We produced a new ‘message house’ so staff had access to ready-written key messages and boilerplate statements. From there came a refreshed organisational narrative, an introduction to the issues ChildHope and its partners address, a series of project summaries and, finally, a new bank of stories to bring  ChildHope’s work and its impact to life. Take a look at ChildHope’s new website here.