COVID-Secure Filmmaking

  • We love nothing more than getting out and about to meet people but while it is not possible to work in the way we would all like we have made our filmmaking Covid-19 safe.

Like everyone, in 2020 Mile 91 has had to make some changes to the way we work. While all of our in person shoots were cancelled at the beginning of March the storytelling couldn’t stop so we found new ways to help charities to talk about their work and impact.

Ambassador filmmaking

Early on in lockdown we worked with Earthwatch Europe editing short films for their Wild Days initiative, a service that provided families with six weeks’ worth of outdoor activities to enjoy in their immediate surroundings. Celebrity ambassadors including Michaela Strachan, Nick Baker and Mya-Rose Craig aka Bird Girl shot pieces to camera and B Roll on their smartphones and we edited them together.

User generated content

Few people were closer to the community response to Covid-19 than the British Red Cross. Using footage and images shot by staff and volunteers we produced a round-up of their work. And with conferences moving online there was still a need for events films. We made a film for UK Research and Innovation to show at the Cheltenham Science Festival using user generated footage and stock footage from B Roll libraries, including our own.

Zoom filmmaking

If someone had told us a year ago that we would be mailing microphones to storytellers and coaching them through their own sound checks before filming an interview on Zoom, with Catherine asking questions from her desk in South London and Ben monitoring visuals from Wiltshire, well, we wouldn’t have believed you. Alongside the remotely shot interview we use B Roll that we have coached the storyteller to shoot.

Socially distanced shoots

We are delivering socially distanced shoots when local rules allow. We are not shooting indoors yet but we have photographed outside and through windows and have been producing a series of films for Big Green Egg, which handily involves outdoor cooking. We have invested in new sound equipment which means we no longer need to mic up interviewees. We also have a team of associate photographers and filmmakers around the country so we do not need to travel across different lockdown areas.