Internal Communications

  • We can help you build an internal communications content strategy that will keep your staff and volunteers engaged and committed.

Since late 2018 we have been working with the British Red Cross internal communications team to help them develop and embed a story-led approach to their staff and volunteer communications. We have done this in two ways – through our production services and by training the team so they develop their own story gathering skills.

  • We provided copywriting and photography services for Life magazine, which is mailed to 16,000 volunteers three times a year.
  • We have produced films for a range of uses, including six regional volunteer conferences, a leadership conference and to support internal communications about a new volunteer recruitment process.
  • We delivered smartphone filmmaking courses to the internal communications teams and to communication and engagement volunteers so they could start producing their own short films.
  • We delivered an interview and creative writing course to provide the internal communications team with the skills and confidence they need to produce real life stories.

Feedback from British Red Cross staff and volunteers is that now they are seeing more of the people behind the work, the content feels more relevant to them.