International Story Gathering

  • We have extensive experience of gathering stories in developing countries and challenging environments and of managing local crews remotely.

Our storytelling journey began at VSO more than 15 years ago and over the years we have undertaken more than 40 international story gathering visits to developing countries and worked in numerous settings, from schools to farms, garment factories to cotton fields, isolated rural communities to some of the largest urban settlements in the worlds.

We have particular expertise in global health. We have filmed in numerous medical settings, from some of the largest and most under-resourced hospitals in Africa to tiny rural clinics operating with just one health worker and no electricity. We have worked in medical settings in Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Malawi and Zambia.

We have helped promote health development partnerships since 2007 when we reported on VSO Malawi’s partnerships with the Scottish Government. Most recently we have worked with the Royal College and Obstetricians on their THET-funded programme in Uganda and with VSO Rwanda on their UKAID-funded programme to bring sexual health education to deaf youth.

We still travel ourselves but more recently we have started to evolve the way we deliver stories. We have managed productions remotely, providing the bridge between locally-based crews and UK-based NGOs. We delivered a one week workshop for frontline workers at street children’s charity in Kenya which started with communications planning skills and culmination in practical interviewing and photography exercises.

View our global health showreel

Global Health Showreel from Mile 91 on Vimeo.

A gallery of our images for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.