We will support you to set up your own story gathering team. We will review your existing activity, develop an action plan and mentor you as you get your systems and processes up and running. We will offer advice and guidance on how to gain support for investment in story gathering from trustees and senior managers and we will help you consider how to handle complex internal relationships.

We will also help take the headache out of the boring but important bits. We will advise on photo libraries and databases and make sure you know about your responsibilities, such as emotional support for storytellers and legal requirements*.

We also run The Story Network, a place where charity story gatherers can meet with like-minded individuals to share experiences and participate in open and honest discussions about insights, challenges and best practice. Story gathering is a fairly new investment for many charities and many have limited capacity in this area. By bringing people together from across the sector, we help peers learn from each other’s different experiences.

*We’re not lawyers but we have listened to people who are. 


To discuss how Mile 91 can help your organisation to tell its own remarkable stories get in touch today.