Posts on the topic of Equality

  1. Ten tales of courage, solidarity and badass women from #TUC150

      By Alex Vernon

    When Catherine asked me to help Mile 91 produce 150 stories for the TUC’s 150th anniversary, I was excited by the scale of the project but, I’m embarrassed to admit, fairly indifferent to the subject matter. I didn’t know much about trade unions and – I’m cringing as I type – I thought the stories […]

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  2. The role images play in tackling inequality.

      By Catherine Raynor

    On UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities we want to talk about the responsibility photographers have to ensure their work doesn’t perpetuate inequality. “That’s his proper happy face – we don’t see that very often.” These were the words of Martin’s sister when she saw the photos that Mile 91 captured of her brother […]

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