Introduction to storytelling

This course will help you build storytelling confidence and culture.

Being a great storytelling organisation is about more than developing technical skills in filmmaking, photography and writing, or having a roster of trusted creative agencies. Great storytelling starts with understanding the basics and having a strong culture of storytelling.

This is a highly adaptable course that works for new starters or experienced communications and fundraising professionals looking for a ‘back to basics’ refresher. It is especially well-suited for organisations looking to develop awareness of and support for storytelling amongst frontline staff and volunteers.

This course can be delivered online or in the room. It is typically a half-day course but we have delivered variations in all staff workshops and to trustees and senior management teams.

For a full-day course it pairs well with either the planning your storytelling course or the interview skills modules.

Course content

  • The science of storytelling
    This session introduces some of the studies that have helped us understand how our brains work and why stories are so powerful for encouraging audience engagement and action.
  • What makes good social change storytelling?
    Not all good stories are good impact stories. This session will look specifically at how stories can be used to bring to life social change and will cover ways of illustrating need, intervention and impact, and how to weight each element to help the same story work in different ways.
  • Character, context and structure
    In this section we look at the key pillars of powerful real life storytelling – character, context and structure.