Planning ethical story gathering

Put the foundations of your story gathering in place with this planning workshop.

Brilliant storytelling is built on foundations of timely planning, robust systems and processes and strong internal relationships. Our planning workshops help you think through the steps you need to take to develop effective story gathering and management practices. 

This can be delivered online or in the room. It is typically a half-day course but for a wider, cross-organisational planning day that might need more time set aside for review and reflection, it can be developed into a full-day session. The half-day course works well with the introduction to storytelling module as a full-day course.

Course content

  • Identifying your story needs
    This session offers tools and techniques for identifying and prioritising your story needs. We will consider the role stories play in marketing, engagement, reporting and learning.
  • Securing your pipeline
    What relationships, systems and processes do you need to have in place to secure your pipeline and what do you need to consider as you build them? What local cultural and environmental factors will influence your storytelling?
  • Ethical storytelling
    What is ethical storytelling and why should you care? This session will look at what legal and non-legal responsibilities come with storytelling.