Verbal storytelling

Make sure the people who speak for your organisation know how to tell a story

Not all stories are told in film, photos or the written word, some are told in the spoken word. Our verbal storytelling training can make those stories shine.

Many people who come into contact with an organisation do so as a result of listening to staff, volunteers and clients speaking. But all too often, nerves, the wrong focus or lack of colourful details can result in opportunities to engage, inspire and influence being missed.

Meetings, events and media interviews are all ways to communicate impact through stories. We train corporate spokespeople, those on the frontline and people talking about their own personal experiences to ensure they have the confidence and techniques to be excellent verbal storytellers. 

Course content

We will tailor the session to the people who are being trained but topics can include.

  • Structure
    How to structure a story, techniques for making stories interesting to listen to, what details to focus on and what to leave out.
  • Key messages and personal stories
    How to tell a personal story (your own or someone else’s) so that it helps to elevate key messages.
  • Care and support
    Tips on maintaining personal boundaries (your and others), considering the impact personal storytelling will have on other connected to the story, techniques for managing your mental health and when to ask for help.