Before we get to who we are and what we do, shall we talk about our name? It’s one of the first things people ask about!

Mile 91 is a town in Sierra Leone. Catherine and Ben worked there during their first story gathering trip, all the way back in 2007. We were working in fundraising and communications roles at an international development charity at the time and that trip was the catalyst for a dream of making storytelling our full time job. Fast forward to 2011 and we had both left our day jobs and were collaborating as freelancers. In summer 2013 we bit the bullet and Mile 91 was born.

In the early days our work was almost entirely focused on story production for charities, but people who do good things don’t just work for charities so our client base has widened considerably. Today, we also count sustainability teams, unions, funders, academic institutions and other social change folk as clients.

The work has evolved too. We still work on the production side of things – what’s not to love about meeting incredible people and unlocking their stories? But the world has changed, tech has advanced and storyteller and audience expectations are different.

We have an established programme of training that develops the story gathering skills of staff, partners, volunteers and service users. Through our strategy work we support organisations to audit their work and to establish robust systems and processes for story gathering and co-creation.

We have a talented team of associates working alongside us.