Photography skills

Bring your grids, feeds and reports to life with eye-catching photo storytelling.

Whether you want eye-catching snaps for your Instagram grid, engaging documentary shots for reports and newsletters, or portrait images that tell a story, our photography training can help you up your visual storytelling game.

This course is particularly well-suited as a group training course for frontline staff and volunteers who have more regular daily contact with your work and impact. This can be delivered online or in the room, but for the best impact we recommend face-to-face so an on location practical element can be incorporated into the training.

Course content

  • Features of your camera
    Whether you choose to train on an SLR camera or your smartphone, we will start the day by running through the basic features of your kits and what you need to know. If you use an SLR we will give you valuable advice about which features you do not need to worry about – or can ignore completely!
  • Powerful portraits
    Tips on shooting powerful portraits that tell a story. This covers lighting, framing, background, mistakes to avoid and – crucially! – tips for putting your subject at ease.
  • Documentary shots
    Tips on shooting images that help you tell the story by setting the scene and drawing out the small details of a person’s story. This will include advice and ideas for showing need without victimising individuals and tips for keeping your images lively.
  • Consent and GDPR
    We will summarise what you need to consider when shooting in public and what your GDPR responsibilities are.