Smartphone filmmaking

Our practical one-day course will help you make great short films.

User-generated and low budget filmmaking doesn’t have to mean poor quality content. Our course is for anyone who wants to learn how to produce eye-catching professional quality films using just their smartphone.

More than 1000 people from all around the world have completed our one-day smartphone filmmaking course since we launched it in 2018. We introduce you to the technical skills you need to capture quality sound and visuals and talk you through creative ways to bring your work to life.

From conservation work in Yorkshire to cotton farming in Pakistan, our trainees have gone on to capture great stories that have been shown at international events, used in fundraising and communications campaigns, and even broadcast by the BBC. 

Our public course runs quarterly on Zoom. For in-house groups we offer the course online or in the room.

Course content

  • Preparing for filming
    We start the day by looking at what you need to do to ensure you have successful film shoots. This includes how to plan shoot day, your camera settings and features, and what kit to buy.
  • Filming skills
    This segment covers framing and composition, lighting, recording good audio, interview techniques, and how to shoot creative B Roll that helps tell your story.

On our in the room courses you will film interviews and B Roll together. If completing the course online you will self-shoot some footage before the afternoon session.

  • Editing skills
    Using the footage you have shot we will teach you to edit and by the end of this session you will have edited your own one-minute film. This session covers importing, trimming and splitting footage, how to use B Roll, subtitling and captions, using music,and exporting and sharing.