1. Fishermen of Lake Awassa | Photography

    Pelicans on Lake Hawassa, Ethiopia.

    As a young boy my family would often go camping in France during the summer holidays. There would always be a 5am trip to the fish market with my brother and my Dad. We used to love watching the boats come in and see the fishermen’s catch be unloaded as the sun began to rise. We would then move on to a cafe for croissants and a hot chocolate. There was something magical about being up early, before most other people, and doing something exciting before breakfast. I still remember it clearly today.

    On a recent trip to Ethiopia to film VSO’s work we were staying near Lake Awassa. It’s an absolutely spectacular location with an abundance of wildlife, in particular birds, ranging from many different types of kingfishers, pelicans through to the African fish eagle.  Yohannes, who we were travelling with suggested we get up early to watch the fishermen come in.  Since we had a long day in the vehicle ahead of us it seemed like the perfect thing to do and so we set our alarms.

    The next morning I awoke before my alarm and felt just like that little boy on holiday – excited about what we would see before breakfast. Sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed! I wanted to share some of the photos from that morning and say that if you ever get a chance to get up early and get out then do it and don’t forget to take your camera with you. You won’t regret it!

    Have you got any stories of adventures before breakfast, or maybe you are one of the fishermen from Lake Hawassa? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

    Fishermen rowing their boats, Ethiopia
    Fishermen and their boatsat Lake Hawassa, Ethiopia
    Children mending nets by the side of Lake Hawassa
    Pelicans, kingfisher and cormorant look for scraps as the fishermen unload their catches in the early morning sun, Lake Hawassa, Ethiopia.
    Fishermen at Lake Hawassa, Ethiopia
    Freshly caught Talapia being sold by fishermen, Lake Hawassa, Ethiopia.
    A fish being filleted on the back of a boat, Ethiopia
    Freshly caught Talapia being fried for breakfast on the shores of Lake Hawassa, Ethiopia
    Freshly caught Talapia being fried for breakfast on the shores of Lake Hawassa, Ethiopia
    A wok frying fish
    A plate of fried fish

    Ethiopia is a stunning beautiful country with the most wonderfully friendly and welcoming people. Thank you to the fishermen who let us photograph them and the brilliant chef who served up the most delicious breakfast!

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    1. Aggrey Nshekanabo

      Dear Ben; I love this story. But it looks incomplete. I was ready for a laid back read (more than 700 words). You were mean. The story ended too soon. That said, the photos complete the experience. You know I love fish and this looks like tilapia. Of course, the pictures have said it all. The early rise. I also loved the closeness of the birds to the people. It is so rare and a good indicator of co-existence. I now know why Ethiopia is a great birder’s destination. As always, Mile 91 gets it right and shows you the story.

    2. Emily Langdon

      What a morning adventure. I wonder if you saw any of the pelican catch their breakfast.
      I also remember the early morning fish market trips, don’t forget your little sisters sometimes came too! Hey you may have just inspired an early morning get up tomorrow!

    3. Oliver Langdon

      Great story. Great photos. Great light. Great inspiration to do more before breakfast. Breakfast just tastes so much better that way!

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