1. The rise of Smartphone filmmaking

    woman using a smartphone on a filmmaking course

    More than 1000 people from all around the world have completed our one-day smartphone filmmaking course since we launched it in 2018. It’s incredibly rewarding to see someone who started the day with little knowledge or experience, become a competent filmmaker by the end. We introduce you to the technical skills you need to capture quality sound and visuals and talk you through creative ways to bring your work to life.

    Flora Norris, Digital Marketing Coordinator at St Peter’s Hospice in Bristol tells us a bit more about her experience on our Smartphone Filmmaking course.

    What did you find most useful about the course?

    The course was a fantastic one day introduction to how to create a film from scratch on a smartphone.

    There are so many opportunities to tell stories at St Peter’s Hospice, and it’s really important to our fundraising and awareness work to be able to turn films round quickly and at low cost in-house.

    The course covered how to plan your questions, set up your scene, structure your interview and how to film that all important B-roll! Plus all the technical aspects of how to edit and produce your film, all on your smartphone.

    What feedback did the film receive?

    My first film told the story of Emma, one of our patients who has cancer. The film was incredibly well received on social media. The Facebook post was one of our most successful, reaching over 25K people and 180 shares. Films like this help patients tell their story and reduce some of the concern people may have when they are referred to a hospice.

    Anything you particularly liked about the course?

    I liked the fact that the course was so practical and hands on. Ben & Ben were able to answer all my questions and showed me how to create a sequence, something I wouldn’t have known how to do previously. We made a film in one day so I felt really confident after the course to tackle a film on my own.

    What would you say to someone thinking about attending a course?

    I’d say definitely go if you have a need and opportunities to make films in-house. After the course, make sure you put it all into practice soon after to consolidate your skills.

    My first film took a couple of days, but I’ve made two more since and they’ve got better and I’ve been quicker each time. Ben was incredibly helpful in offering feedback that has helped me in producing subsequent films.

    Thanks to Flora for sharing her experience. You can watch her film below.

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    The course in full swing….

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