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  1. Smartphone filmmaking training course 26th March 2019. Learn how to film like a pro!

      By Ben Langdon

    “There are some training courses you go to because you have to, and some you go to because you want to. The smartphone filmmaking training with Mile 91 was definitely the latter….”   With millions of films uploaded to the internet everyday, there has never been a better time to use the technology at your fingertips to […]

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  2. The role images play in tackling inequality.

      By Catherine Raynor

    On UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities we want to talk about the responsibility photographers have to ensure their work doesn’t perpetuate inequality. “That’s his proper happy face – we don’t see that very often.” These were the words of Martin’s sister when she saw the photos that Mile 91 captured of her brother […]

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